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PURE GOLD Pineapple - Australia's favourite topless pineapple

These pineapples taste amazing. They are naturally sweet, high in vitamin C and low in acid. They have yellow-golden flesh and are available all year round.

Pure Gold pineapples are also very good for you, In fact, one serve (100gm) of Pure Gold pineapple provides your recommended daily intake of Vitamin C!

They are consistently sweet and very high quality which makes them perfect for eating fresh and all sorts of pineapple recipes. You will find them in retailers across Australia  without their “crown” or top, as this top is replanted to grow another pineapple plant back on the farm.

Pineapples come in a variety of sizes and we have created the ”Pure Gold family” giving you a variety of options all year round:

Pure Gold are sold as Mini Gold, Pure Gold, Extra-Large Pure Gold, Winter Sweet Pure Gold and for those who want something that tastes great, and looks good in the fruit bowl; The Gold Crown.

Gold Crown

They have been developed from the delicious Hawaiian Gold, and have been growing here in Queensland for over 10 years.